The Lamb Was Sure To Go

Thursday, 9 September 2010
....the lamb was sure to go
This is a standby I use a lot ….

[ingredients - lamb, thyme, garlic, white wine, bla, bla, bla]

[method - rub with oil, lemon, soften, add, mix, taste, pour, leave, cook, serve, eat, yada yada yada]

Serve it straight at the table. Slice lamb and dole out vegetables as you go. If I'm serving it for supper I put a crusty loaf on the table. If it's for Sunday lunch there will be a bowl of crisp mixed salad leaves.
Posted by maggie at 13:47

musters said...

Thank you for this mouth watering recipe. I plan to try it this weekend as I have a young friend visiting from Redcar. I wondered, do you think the lamb would perform well with the addition of some green tomato chukney that I have in my ladder?


Dolores Musters, Miss.
15 September 2010 05:22
maggie said...

Hello Dolores

Thank you.

I think the green tomato chutney would be lovely served alongside the lamb. Very colourful too.

15 September 2010 08:47
musters said...

Thanks you ever so much Maggie. The chukney is indeed still green although perhaps less so than the green tomatoes themselves but I suppose that's to be expected. It also has raisins in it which I feel the lamb will respond favourably to. I hope you don't mind. Finally since this will be a Sunday lunch I will follow your recommendation of serving with crisps and salad. Could you recommend a salad dressing or would you serve undressed?
16 September 2010 01:35
maggie said...

Hi - your chutney sounds delicious. I would dress the salad leaves very simply with some good oil - olive or nut oil. Have a lovely lunch.

17 September 2010 01:48
musters said...

My chutney (sic), I believe, is very delicious indeed. Perhaps you or some of your viewers would like to try it? I flatter myself by providing the recipe:

Musters Green Tomato Chukney
48 green tomatoes, 1/8" diced
15 cascabel chilli apples (green) washed, peeled, cored and diced
1/2 mug silver raisins, quartered
1 mug dark brown sugar,
1 tea bag
4 tb diced rabbit (or hare)
1 very large lima bean
1 mug French shallot, crystallized , grated
50 long red chilli peppers, sun-blushed, de-seeded
26* retained seeds from (above) long red chilli peppers

Put all ingredients in wide saucepan, bring to
boil quickly, adjust heat, and boil about 300 minutes or until as thick as some jam. Stir occasionally, to prevent sticking. Spoon into hot, un-sterilized half-pint glasses; seal. Let stand at least 6 months.

*If you want a less spicy chukney, remove 6 of the seeds in the chillies.
17 September 2010 04:16
maggie said...

Very droll. Now go away and get yourself a life.
17 September 2010 05:54